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Hello! I'm new! ^__________^

This was a post I had put in my diary a few months ago, but I came across this community and thought I'd put it up here cuz it's actually the only jrock dream I remember so well! ^^;;

Last night I had this weird dream...about Sugizo. It seems that out of every Jrocker I love, Sugizo is the one I dream about the most. All in all I'd say I've had about 6-8 Sugizo dreams, 4-6 X Japan dreams (half of which I can't remember), 3-4 hide dreams, 2 Psycho le Cemu dreams, one dream about Mana, one about Miyavi, and I may have a had a Dir en Grey dream but I don't remember. Oh and also one about Gackt, that I'm completely ashamed to admit because I LIKED him in it...um...ew.

Sugizo isn't even my favorite one...I need to stop downloading Sugi songs and looking at Sugi pics right before bed!

Anyways I remember this dream very clearly. Sugizo was going to talk at our school or something about...something that I don't even remember what it was. I don't think I ever knew what it was, but I kept telling everyone to shut up cuz I wanted to hear his voice. So anyway it was all like we were at the gym in the middle school, and Sugizo was talking. Then this girl comes in (a lot of people were coming in late, but there was still hardly anyone there.) and she was trying to tell my sister something "important"...but it wasn't very important at all..basic girl talk stuff...and they kept talking and Sugizo got really annoyed and stopped and waited for them to finish talking (You know how teachers do in school when kids are talking to each other while they're trying to talk?). God, I was so embarrassed...I'm even blushing right now typing it! So, anyways, Sugizo seemed pretty annoyed at everyone...like he didn't like kids or something. But he climbed up the bleachers and sat on the top row, and this group of kids huddled all around them, and I just kinda sat there, looking away from him. Then this black dude starts hugging him, which makes him REALLY mad, but he doesn't say anything, just looks really pissed off, and all these preps pulled the black dude off him. So anyway, Sugizo starts up with his speech again and everyone moves back away from him, but I move up to the row right under him. But I didn't look at him. Anyways after the assembly thing was over, I went into Sugizo's "office" thing and apoligized for my sister and her friend. But he doesn't seemed pissed off at all! He starts hugging me and being sweet and then talking about how sexy he is. There was actually a big conversation here, but I'm summing it up...

Anyways...I walk out of the office, and BAM I'm in a mall. So I'm walking out and I see people shopping around and stuff and then I see this couple with a cute little baby girl that Sugizo was playing with, which at first I thought was Luna, but heard the people call it their child. When I walked past Sugizo he winked at me and I smiled back. On my way out the door, there was this group of punk lookin kids in leather and mulit-colored hair sitting by the exit. This one dude, who looked like he belonged in Trigun or Cowboy Beebop, with a big green mohawk grabs my arm and says "Get in the car, Rachel" (How he knew my name, I'll never know, but I knew he was trying to hurt me) So I ran back in the direction of Sugizo's office and started screaming for someone to help me...then Sugizo sees me and gives the baby back to her mother and basically just beats up all the punk dudes!! (Yes, Sugizo is a boxer, so I was relieved when I saw him, cuz I knew he'd kick their butts!)

Anyways....I don't remember much after that, except that me and Sugizo became really close friends. But the dream ended sadly..because I got this feeling I'd never seem him again...

Weird huh? I can't believe I remembered it all...

That's all! XD! I'm an oddball, no?
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