☆★Yaoi Terrorist★☆ (tearsxinxflames) wrote in jrock_dreamers,
☆★Yaoi Terrorist★☆

Alice nine dream...

This comm seems dead. But I just joined. So, I'll make an effort to revive?

I had a cute little dream involving the a9 guys.

It started out that I was a member in a band that was touring with them and something got screwed up with our hotel. So we had to find another one and they could only give us enough rooms so that everyone had to share a bed. And being that we were 2 5 piece bands, meant someone from both bands would have to share a room. We decided to work it so that, we would have a party (no show that night) and last two in the room had to share it. So, you had to try to find someone to room with you through the party. I didn't care so I didn't bother doing anything other than drinking. End of the night, I got stuck with Tora. But he said he really just felt uncomfortable sharing a room with a girl. 8/ So he was going to go basically BEG someone to trade with him. [this made me sad because Tora is my favorite member. ;~;], and a little while later, in comes Pon being his nice cheerful self. Smut ensued, but I can't handle writting smut that involves myself. So... I'll spare you guys. xD

Since I posted a dream.. I hope it's okay if I pimp my comm?

We all do it in our journals, to our friends, or just yell it at the computer screen. But in any and every fandom we have our rants. The system is broken and we know exactly how to fix it. Or atleast, we think we do. Here's the place for you to get it out.

jrock_rants .

Now remember this is a RANT community, not a BASH community. Join? =D
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