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Dir en grey dream....again

I've had...many dreams involving Jrockers, yet this is the first time I've actually posted here. Most of the dreams involve Dir en grey, and lately it's been all concerts. Anyway I had a dream last night so check it under the cut...

My friend and I went to a Dir en grey concert at the Rams Head in Baltimore (it's always there for some reason, I guess it's cause that's the concert I went to in Feb.). Well, it was set up strangely. There's 3 floors in Rams Head, and we were on the 2nd floor, well there was no rail or anything where we were sitting, instead there were stairs. And down on the 1st floor, there was a couch and a few chairs where people could sit and enjoy the show. 

Well, 1/2 way through the show, the band took a break, so they end the song and the band goes backstage, except Die, who hops down from the stageand goes to sit on the couch that was in the middle of the floor. For some reason, by this time, everyone in the venue was moving from their places and kinda crowding to the couch area where Die was. Well, seeing as the 2nd floor wasn't that high up Die was pretty close to me, so I look at him and grin when he laid down on the couch and said "Tired Die?" Everyone looks at me with these looks as if they were thinking "You are not worthy to talk to Die!" But Die kinda looked at me, grinned, and said (in perfect english no less), "Yeah, exhausted." I laugh and turn back to the stage where I could see the staff setting up for the 2nd part of the show. My friend nudges me and says that if I really wanted I could grab a spot on the rail. After hesitating, I take a spot right in front of where Kyo usually is (his platform was really small for some reason so I could see over it). Well, after I take my spot, these two girls come over and start shoving me and I kinda move over a few steps, but the girl keeps shoving me! By now, people are starting to migrate back towards the stage cause the 2nd half of the show is about to start. We see Shinya come through a side door (one that leads into the audience) and we all cheer as he jumps up on stage. 

Now, as the band starts Concieved Sorrow, the girl starts shoving really hard again and tells me that I took her spot. I replied that once she moves it's no longer her spot, which earns me another hard shove, which really hurt, so I elbowed her hard in the ribs, and she backed off. When I looked up at Kyo he was grinning at me.I glared back, which made him smirk and look away from me and continue singing. The rest of the dream went on as a normal show. I got Kaoru's pick though XD.

I've had...many...many more....2 of which I was glared at by either  Toshiya or Kyo cause of Yoshiki -.-
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September 22 2010, 15:25:42 UTC 7 years ago

I LOVE dreams about dir en grey. please don't stop. they are so freaken awesome and more people need to share dreams about them. you rule.