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Meeting Kanon at Chili's O_o

Hallo! I just joined the community. It seems a little dead here; not a lot of entries. :P Though, the ones that I've read were really funny ^^ 
Especially the one about A9 at a prom and the girl who had the dream ends up getting bagged and thrown in a closet...haw haw haw.
-gasp- I had a weird dream about Kanon last night O__O

(In the Dream): It was around noon and I arrived at Chili's with my friend Aleena to hang out and have lunch with her. My outfit was nice. :D I was wearing those leggings that Kanon used to wear with the belts, a mini-skirt, a big shirt with long sleeves and fish nets, and my hair was in pony tails. Aleena wore something cool, but I can't remember. x__X Anyways, when we walked in, I turned to my left and I saw two men sitting at a table, talking. One of them looked up at me with a curious face. I stared at him for a while, then turned away. My friend and I sat at a table next to the guys. The guy who was looking at me kept turning to my direction every few minutes. Aleena looked at him with a weird expression, then she flipped out and screamed. "Oh my god! It's Kanon, It's Kanon!!" She was pointing at him and jumping up and down. I freaked out and looked at the guy. It WAS Kanon. He was smiling and blushing at the attention. He wasn't wearing any makeup, just his lip ring. My heart was beating really fast and I wanted to squeal and run up to him. I didn't, instead I ran into the bathroom. I stayed there for a few minutes then I walked out. He was still there, and was still looking to my direction like he was waiting for me. I flipped out and ran to him, smiling and squealing. I glomped him, hugging him tight. He was shocked at the impact, though laughed and smiled at the cuddling. I looked up to him and said, "Hi Kanon!" He kept smiling and responded, "Hi!" The guy Kanon was with smiled and said something in Japanese to Kanon, and he laughed. I laughed, too, but I didn't know what was said.

THE END. My alarm clock went off, so it ended like that. D: 


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