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A very strange dream...

I had this dream the night before I went to a concert of Ayabie.
K this is the dream...

I stood in the frontrow waiting for Ayabie to begin...
I was so nervous I was shaking all over my body.
When the lights went off. I just had the feeling like somthing was gonna happen.

I was 5 guys walking on the stage we couldn't see who they were... But We all knew that is was Ayabie..
Then the lights went on and there stood..... Dir en grey 0_0
Everybodey was so shockt.
you were going to a concert of Ayabie and got to see Dir en grey...

I stood inthe frontrow before Die...
Once they were playing Die walked to the front row... Then he reached me he grabbed my hand and putted a small note in my hand. and smile his famous smile.
and he walked back to the stage.
I read the note and saw that it was his Phonenumber.

After the concert I went home and sleep..
Then my phone rang...
I looked and I didn't reconize the number.
I picked up the phone and it was Die
( Strange, I didn't give him my number..-_-")
And he asked me If I want to go out with band..
I said yeas (ofcourse) So I got out of bed and dressed and walked to our meeting place...

We all got drunk accept Kyo... Die and me were making out...

The next day when I woke up I didn't reconize the room and felt a arm around my waist.
I looked behind me and saw Die...
I looked to look if I was naked but i still got clothes on..

and then my alarmclock woke me up -_-"
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