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*hum hum*

Hello~I am new here..u.u; But I have so many dreams, and so, I am happy to finally see a community where I can post all of them..;-;

X3; I will just start with my most favorite one so far

It started out at my school prom, even though my school doesn't have a prom..we did in this dream. And out of pure lucky luck, the band playing was Alice Nine X_X;. I guess the school's rich girl got her dad to get them...and people who like Jrock at my school?! only in a dream, my friends..-__-;

when the concert was over and the dj came back on, I was looking around for someone to dance with, since it was a slow dance X_X;; I approached this random guy and asked him to dance with me, he said 'Okay!' So, we danced and danced~~

When we were done dancing, I looked up at him (because I didn't see what he looked like before) and realised it was Shou 0.0; He smiled and kept on saying, 'Oh yes! I am Shou ^.^' I slapped myself mentally for not knowing that before I asked him to dance..-.-; But, then I figured that it would have been impossible to dance if I knew who he was..so. wooo?

He smiled and pointed over to the food table where the rest of the band was. 'Hiroto.' he said while pointing to Hiroto,who was putting some interesting colored powder into the punch. 'Saga' he pointed to Saga who was stuffing cookies into his mouth. 'Nao' He pointed to Nao who was helping Hiroto with poisoning the punch. 'And Tora' he finally pointed to Tora slumped up against a wall being hoarded by alot of girls.

As the night went by, I got to know them pretty well,until Shou nodded to Tora who bagged me and threw me in his closet. >___<;;; And that's where it ended~~and those poor people who drank the punch..u.u;;

I shall be back with more dreams soon~~>w< ♥
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